Our History

Supporting the business of charity.



LTA Charity Consultants (LTACC) grew out of LTA & Company, a for-profit business.

Founded in Singapore in 1989 by consultants from top multinational search firms, LTA & Company gradually expanded across Asia to establish offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei. Between 1989 and 2003, LTA & Company conducted over 1,000 senior search assignments for C-suite leaders across Asia.

During the Internet startup phase, LTA & Company launched i-Admin, an HR and payroll business that providing its proprietary payroll software to corporate clients. Today, i-Admin operates in 9 countries in Asia, from Korea to India.

In 2015, LTA & Company rebranded to LTA Charity Consultants (LTACC) and re-established a new mission and strategy, with the goal of contributing its services to society. Seeing that there were many small and medium size charities struggling due to a lack of strategic and operational management, LTACC felt moved to assist. Likewise, it saw a need amongst retired business executives to redeploy their skills and remain relevant. By connecting these two groups, LTACC aimed to help charities achieve greater impact and help retired executives meaningfully contribute to society.

In 2019, LTACC received its status as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt charity in Hong Kong under Section 88 of the IRD.